KSW | Pipeline construction

According to customer wishes we develop tailor-made concepts for filling station construction, pipeline, tank and industrial facility construction from small to large complexes.

We offer a wide range of services.

We build both, company as well as large filling stations, oil installations for workshops and pneumatic devices.
Installations like heating systems, air conditioning or ventilation systems and jobs in the sanitary area are carried out expertly by professionals.

Our core functions include pipeline and industrial construction. Doing regular revisions on tank facilities according to Vbf is part of our special proficiency. Our on-site fitters shop crafts products of best quality and is certified by EN 1090-1 EXC 2.
Our professionals in pipeline construction work at the highest technical level and observe current safety norms, as well as continually undergoing further training.

KSW | Electrical installations

We develop tailor-made concepts for electrical projects.
Lightening arrestors and cathodic protection are included in our service offer as well as the installation of security, alarm and video surveillance systems. Typical electrician jobs, eg. distribution boards as well as construction and installation of electrical components complete our vast offering.

Our proficiencies include special electrical constructions, eg. fuel depots or unmanned facilities according to VbF § 116.
Our professionals in electrical technology continually attend seminars and training courses in order to maintain latest standards.

KSW | Service & Maintenance

You can rely on our service 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In many cases our competent IT support can help via telemaintenance. For other technical problems our expert team is available for problem registration and processing.

Our team is geographically situated for optimal access, and always on standby.

Our years of experience and our qualified employees guarantee your facilities are fully functional – at all times.
We offer fair maintenance agreements, explaining the features with transparency.

Contact our team – we are glad to serve/help you! For immediate assistance our team is available via telemaintenance.
The download starts automatically. After opening the program we just need your Teamviewer-ID to help you.


KSW | Facility Management

Keep your premises and facilities clean to maintain your appropriate corporate appearance.

Our technical allrounders assure excellent service and maintenance of your station and buildings 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Contact us, we are happy to offer you a tailor-made solution for you needs and complete satisfaction.

KSW | Calibration service

Measuring procedures are, by nature, prone to error. We test measuring instruments and devices, thereby protecting citizens and the economy.
Through regular testing carried out by the Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement, the BMWFJ, and our quality management according to ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025, compliance with current laws and provisions is assured.

The KSW calibration service is authorised to calibrate gauges with MID and austrian certification.

We calibrate the following products:

  • Petrol/diesel pumps (incl. temperature conversion)
  • LPG pumps (incl. temperature conversion)
  • CNG pumps
  • Moped refuelling equipment
  • Taxi meters
  • Tyre pressure measuring devices
  • Lubrication oil measuring equipment
  • Manometers
  • Measuring systems for cryogenic liquids and liquid carbon dioxide

KSW | Testing

Our team of qualified specialists test your equipment, consequently assuring efficient functioning.

We test your:

  • Electric devices
  • Lightening arresters
  • Cathodic protection devices
  • Electric doors and gates
  • Measuring systems requiring inspection
  • Alarm and video systems

KSW | Automatisation technology

We develop automation technology for building and property control: control and monitor facilities with system. In this field, two products have been designed, which are constantly developed further and kept up to current standards: ICE (Intelligent Control Extension) and WLC (Web Level Control).


Areas of application of ICE include:

  • Remote access and maintenance
  • Filling station control systems (Forecourt Controller)
  • Device management
  • Building management
  • Object surveillance
  • Energy management

Use WLC to measure and monitor filling level automatically.

This system can for example be directly connected to the supplier system – if the defined minimum level is reached, an order is automatically sent to the supplier.



The diverse application spectrum of ICE and WLC can be implemented according to available or selected components.

Customer requirements can be individually fulfilled – we develop the right solution for every need.

KSW | Conceptual design & planning

Innovative conceptual design and planning is an essential requirement for filling stations and building construction. KSW implements specialist know-how linked with years of experience.

Customers appreciate our solution orientated approach.

KSW adopts an efficient conceptual design and planning for all necessary maintenance groups used for industry and filling station construction.