KSW installs tailor-made pay systems: from simple solutions to centrally-controlled multi-user versions.

Ratio Elektronik

Ratio Tankautomat


Hectronic Tankautomat

Systems for Carwash

Parking Meters

Ratio Elektronik

Ratio Waschautomat


Hectronic parkingmeter

KSW Base Line

KSW Baseline

KSW Basline ist ein vielfach einsetzbares Tankautomatengehäuße von KSW.

Automation technology for industrial and filling station construction:

Automatic control, management and surveillance of filling stations – made by KSW.

KSW offers all components for expandable petrol stations. The KSW on-site fitters shop crafts various types of locksmith products. In view of system technology, like automatic vehicle identification and liquid level measurement systems, KSW trusts only top manufacturers.

KSW Service Unit

KSW versort Sie mit den Systemtechnik Produkten namhafter Hersteller.


KSW manages the biggest tank components storage of the whole D-A-CH area. We offer complete concepts for various types of oil installations. The KSW range of products also comprises fittings like price displays, LED lighting systems or automatic tyre inflators.